Tel Aviv's 10+ miles of Mediterranean coastline and nearly perfect year-round weather are ideal for cycle and fitness-minded travelers with a healthy perspective. Our team of athletes and fitness enthusiasts will tour you through the city by bicycle or foot to under-the-radar look-out points, breathtaking scenery and local haunts.

Guided cycling experience through 
 historic sites, hidden beaches & culinary haunts

We wonder if Tel Aviv's founders mapped out the city with urban cyclists in mind. If so, they did one hell of a good job. Tel Aviv is perfectly designed for cyclists and biking enthusiasts, boasting a flat urban landscape, flat roads and beachside bike lanes ideal for exploring hard-to-reach points in the city where hidden art spaces, culinary haunts and lookout points await around the corner. The Eager Tourist Insider's Cycling Experience equips guests with a bicycle (and helmet), as well as an expert city cyclist who will guide you to dynamic neighborhoods and hangout spots unknown to most travelers.

3 Hours Length

Insider's Cycling Experience:
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Individual or group yoga lessons on an exclusive Tel Aviv rooftop

Yoga is known to elevate the mind, body and soul. While in Tel Aviv, enjoy a breathtaking city view while practicing dynamic Flow yoga in English, led by an expert Eager Tourist yoga instructor. Following the class, Eager Tourist yoga practitioners are provided access to a private Jacuzzi and small pool to help cool off. Water and tea are also offered to all yoga participants. The classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners, both male and female.

90 Minutes Length

Rooftop Yoga Lesson:
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Running tours led by local fitness experts

Running is perhaps the perfect remedy for a lengthy flight abroad, mixing up the blood flow and releasing much needed endorphins to get back in the groove. Tel Aviv, a city robust with dynamic neighborhoods, sites, locales and a gorgeous Mediterranean shoreline, is ideal for runners looking to experience the city with a quicker stride. Eager Tourist offers "Neighborhood Running Tours" led by local athletes and running enthusiasts who know Tel Aviv like the back of their foot, bringing travelers into the heart and contours of the city through an inspiring, active lens.

60 Minutes Length

Neighborhood Running Tour:
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