Eager Tourist creates tailor-made travel experiences through the perspective of local insiders exclusively in Tel Aviv. Our customized itineraries are crafted and guided by Tel Aviv tastemakers, leading travelers through the personal kitchens of the city’s most talented chefs and gourmands, exclusive workspaces of homegrown artists, studios of budding musicians and beyond.

With Eager Tourist, there are no stock itineraries or tours. We offer an expertise otherwise unreachable to travelers to Tel Aviv, connecting you with the heart of the city’s creative core and making the most of your travel experience from a deep cultural perspective.


Tel Aviv is teeming with art galleries and exhibition spaces showcasing a diverse collection of works by local and international artists. Beyond the galleries and museums are the workspaces, studios and design labs of Tel Aviv’s growing fleet of homegrown talent. Eager Tourist offers a gateway for international travelers to connect with and learn about local artists and their works by offering access to the workspaces where innovative creations are developed.


Tel Aviv is chock-full of unique architecture and design structures, from historic Ottoman, Bauhaus international-style buildings to contemporary design concepts. Our team of local architects (and enthusiasts) will guide you past the city’s most spectacular buildings and architectural marvels not listed in modern guidebooks.


There’s no better way to explore Tel Aviv than by bicycle. A bustling metropolis with bike lines, flat streets for cruising and endless sites along the way, Tel Aviv is ideal for travelers privy to the two-wheeled mode of transport. Let us tour you through the city by bicycle to under-the-radar look-out points, urban scenery and local culture known best by local insiders and cycle enthusiasts. 


Tel Aviv’s culinary scene is no longer a secret with international recognition of the city’s bustling markets, high-end restaurants and ethnic foodie staples expanding at a rapid pace. Eager Tourist’s guests will experience the city’s food scene from within with exclusive culinary experiences, cooking workshops and private dinners led by local chefs and gourmands in exclusive locations. 


Tel Aviv’s fashion and design scene becomes accessible with customized experiences led by local fashIonistas, insiders and even designers. Forget window shopping and mass-market fashion tours, Eager Tourist brings travelers into the creative labs and studios of Tel Aviv’s most influential and promising fashion designers and artists based on your tastes and interests.


Tel Aviv is a hotbed for talented musicians of various genres. The city’s music scene is at the core of creative society, with late nights on the town usurped by impromptu musical performances, DJ sets and collaborative jam sessions in loft spaces and subterranean studios. Guests of Eager Tourist will have access to exclusive free-form jam sessions, musical performances and DJ sets guided by the city’s distinct collection of music aficionados and performers. 


Bars, dance clubs and nightlife haunts are engrained into Tel Aviv’s creative pulse. The most unique and diverse parties in Tel Aviv are most often promoted in Hebrew signage and to exclusive social circles, not geared towards attracting visitors from abroad.  Travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience in Tel Aviv will attend exclusive events and parties, boutique cocktail tastings led by local mixologists in private residences and lofts and complimentary access into the city’s bevy of exclusive nightlife options.


As wonderful as Tel Aviv is, outside of the city lies a diverse collection of breathtaking beaches, natural wonders and haunts known by locals only. For travelers looking to explore Tel Aviv “outside of the bubble,” Eager Tourist creates exclusive experiences in breathtaking locations within a 30-minute’s drive, from sunset hikes through ancient Crusader-era ruins to Israeli wine tastings on a massive cliff overlooking the Mediterranean.


Urban Nature: Green spaces and urban eco-wonders run rampant in Tel Aviv. Urban insiders in Tel Aviv will lead travelers into the city’s surprising collection of hidden beaches, parks, private botanical gardens and serene lookout spots unbeknown to guidebooks and mass-market tour operators.