The most unique and authentic parties in Tel Aviv are most often promoted in Hebrew signage and to exclusive social circles, not geared towards attracting visitors from abroad. For those travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience in Tel Aviv, Eager Tourist will guide you into exclusive events, art parties, cocktail tastings in private loft spaces and complimentary access into the city’s bevy of exclusive nightlife options.

Mixology experience &
cocktail tasting

Start your hyper local nightlife excursion with a mixology workshop provided by one of the city’s leading cocktail craftsmen – envelop your pallet for drinks with a Tel Avivian twist. The streets are calling. Dive headfirst into local nightlife culture, entering private parties, openings and events normally inaccessible to travelers from abroad. From subterranean dance clubs to art-house parties.

3 Hours Length

Mixology - Nightlife Experience:
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nightlife tour 

Avoid being herded like cattle into generic nightlife spots geared towards tourists and without a local insight. Eager Tourist "Local's Only" nightlife tours will include a curated list of top events, happenings and parties taking place in the city on any given day, and advertised to locals only, as well as entrance past the queue, escorting directly into the club like a VIP in-the-know.

2.5 Hours Length

Local's Only Nightlife Tour:
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Expert Mixologist Master Class

Why just sip on perfectly crafted cocktails when you can learn to make them on your own? Our Expert Mixologist Master Class offers guests an insight and hands-on workshop with one of Tel Aviv's acclaimed craft cocktail makers in a private bar, reserved just for you. Begin the masterclass with tastings of homemade bitters, syrups, herbs and concoctions used to amalgamate signature cocktails with guided explanation. Onwards, your craft cocktail maker will show you step-by-step processes and instructions to build five different  cocktails, tasting each, comparing and contrasting along the way. For the finale, take your newfound expertise to the playing field with a "shake-off" during which you will create your own signature cocktail and compete against your fellow mixologists. Afterwards, a winning group will be crowned and declared cocktail champions. 

Length: 1.5 Hours

Expert Mixologist Master Class:
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