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Tel Aviv's southern neighborhoods are robust with vibrant street murals, graffiti tags and inspiring artworks created by local israeli and international artists looking to make their mark on the city's urban landscape. Eager Tourist's all-new "South Tel Aviv Street Art Excursion" will include expert guidance by one of Tel Aviv's leading street artists bringing guests to witness inspiring pieces and learn about the social, political and cultural influences from which they are inspired.

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Tel Aviv's markets are vibrant and robust with fresh produce and more authentic food stalls that one can count. Looking past the obvious, out-of-this-world home-style eateries, bakeries and specialty shops are nestled throughout neighborhoods surrounding the markets. Our Expert-Guided Market Tour include visits to hyperlocal eateries, restaurants and delicacies shops not to be missed by any foodie.

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View spectacular Bauhaus and Eclectic architecture buildings in Tel Aviv from an insider's perspective, guided by city architecture experts, bloggers and designers themselves. Our insider's architecture tour will incorporate various elements of architecture in Tel Aviv, from the Colonial and Ottoman architecture-style buildings in Jaffa to a wide-range of internationally-influenced structures in and around Tel Aviv, all through the perspective of locals who best know the city.

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Avoid being herded like cattle into generic nightlife spots geared towards tourists and without a local insight. Eager Tourist "Local's Only" nightlife tours will include a curated list of top events, happenings and parties taking place in the city on any given day, and advertised to locals only, as well as entrance past the queue, escorting directly into the club like a VIP in-the-know.


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