TEl aviv experiences 

Explore the private studios, workspaces and design labs of Tel Aviv's top artists through the perspective of local insiders. We offer a bridge for international travelers to connect with and learn about local artists with access into the private studios where works are ideated, produced and exhibited.


Urban Design
& Bauhaus Architecture

“Urbanization of Tel Aviv: Past, Present, Future” experience is led by local architects and city planners, traces the original urban plan of Tel Aviv From Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv's first major boulevard, and Scottish Architect Patrick Geddes's "original block" near Frishman Street to Dizengof Square, Hen and Esther Cinemas down to the beachfront. Our eager expert architect will guide participants through the intricate urban planning of the “Garden City” created by Geddes in 1925, highlighting key buildings and landmarks of urban design offering a crash-course on Tel Aviv urban design, past and present.


Culinary Markets

Start your day with an insider’s tasting tour of the three of Tel Aviv’s most prominent & vibrant outdoor food markets, led by a local culinary expert. Meet a boutique beer artisan and visit a robust café that roasts it’s own coffee beans. Sample, taste and feast upon the traditional Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Moroccan and Yemen food delicacies that comprise modern Israeli culinary cuisine today with those who know the city best.


       (Local's Only) Nightlife Tour

Avoid being herded like cattle into generic nightlife spots geared towards tourists and without a local insight. Eager Tourist Local's Only Nightlife Tours include a curated list of top events, homegrown happenings and parties taking place in the city on any given day, that are advertised to locals only. Eager Tourist will dispatch a Tel Aviv nightlife expert to guide groups past the lines, cues and into hidden parties and new and innovative nightlife spots according to the tastes and interests of each guest or group.