Jaffa Gay Vibe Excursion

Jaffa Gay Vibe Excursion

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Jaffa Gay Vibe Excursion 

Jaffa is one of the oldest port cities in the world, mentioned in the Bible as the site of Jonah an d the Whale . Since the beginning of the state of Israel in 1948, Jaffa has undergone waves of political, cultural and social changes that have impacted the very residents that built the city, as well as those that inhabit it today. 

With Tel Aviv taking all of the attention during PRIDE Week -- Jaffa, with its rich, multi-layered cultural, beckons to wave it's flag as a thriving destination for Arab gays that deviate from the white-washed and pink-washed city of Tel Aviv.

Led by a Jaffa native and member of the district's LGBT community, Eager Tourist will guide visitors in Tel Aviv through the ancient alleyways, culturally-thriving hotspots and secret sites of Jaffa championed by the local gay community. Guests will have the opportunity to learn the deep divide and levels of co-existence between gay Jews and Arabs in Jaffa, and visit unique locales of cultural importance to the local gay community that make this ancient city on the Mediterranean unlike any other.

The Eager Tourist Jaffa Gay Vibe Excursion includes:

  • A local, Jaffa resident and member of the LGBT community as your guide

  • Visits to 2-3 neighborhoods in Jaffa that have social, political and cultural importance

  • Meetings with local artists, designers, DJs and musicians that are part of Jaffa's LGBT community

  • Tea or coffee at a local shop with meetings with creatives, artists and cultural-luminaries of the city of Jaffa

  • Eager Tourist PRIDE travel list with hotspots, local gems and major parties and events applicable to guests arriving for PRIDE 

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