Jaja Hangout - Natural Wine Workshop in Lyon

Jaja Hangout - Natural Wine Workshop in Lyon

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Natural wine has become a worldwide phenomena, winning the hearts of experts and newcomer oenophiles with insatiable pallets for the most unique blends, production methods and philosophy of winemaking. In Lyon, France’s third largest city situated in between Beaujolais, Burgundy and Jura regions, lies the local natural wine bar and small plates restaurant Odessa Comptoir. Eager Tourist has teamed up with this local institution to create a decadent natural wine tasting workshop that will provide deep insight into the natural wine world in a condensed period of time that leaves guests in a blissful state of gastronomical and oenophilic euphoria. 

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  • Tasting of five different natural wines by local vintners and wine marks from the Beaujolais area outside Lyon. Wines will vary in style, color, taste and experience, providing and overall understanding about natural wine in the context of Odessa Comptoir and the close knit community of natural winemakers from the area.   

  • Small dish pairings with each wine tasting, often showcasing hyperlocal dishes from both forgotten and contemporary southern French cuisine. Guests will taste handmade charcuterie, cheeses, seasonal dishes and other delicacies.

  • Preferred seating in one of the best tables at Odessa Comptoir, regarded as one of the best natural wine bars in Lyon 

  • Explanation about natural wine by one of the mangers of Odessa Comptoir

  • Special Eager Tourist rates on natural wines purchased at Odessa Comptoir

Time: 3 hours

$75USD / person