Kiryat Melecha Artist Studio Tour of Tel Aviv

Kiryat Melecha Artist Studio Tour of Tel Aviv

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Kiryat Melecha Tel Aviv Art Studio Crawl

Kiryat Melecha is Tel Aviv’s hidden gem where artists, designers, small business, and musicians work together and showcase their work in a sustainable structure that is a dying breed in today’s market-hungry artist landscape. Located in the heart of south Tel Aviv, Kiryat Melecha is a former Socialist worker complex built in Israel in the 1950’s that has been evolved as the city’s hotspot for artists and creatives, where rows of studios, galleries, workspaces and artistic enclaves lay side by side amidst towering buildings coated in massive murals by local street artists. Together with the Kiryat Melecha Artist Organization, Eager Tourist brings travelers into the very studios where these artists work and creative for direct engagements that discuss each artist’s works as well as the social-economic foundations that permeate within this ever-changing micro-metropolis on the Mediterranean.  

The Kiryat Melecha artist studio tour includes:

  • Visits to six artist studios ranging from painting and sculpture to upcycle, graphic and installation 

  • Interactions and conversations with the artists themselves in their own studios 

  • A local artist as your guide who will escort you to each part of the complex and introduce to each artist within their studio 

  • Preferred Eager Tourist rates on artworks and items purchased  

  • Eager Tourist x Kiryat Melecha custom artist studio map 

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