Tbilisi Local's Only Nightlife Tour

Tbilisi Local's Only Nightlife Tour

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With its pulsing dance music scene, intoxicating natural wine bars and exotic Eastern European flare, Tbilisi is a thriving urban gem that has been kept under wraps until now. Bringing you into the heart of the Georgian capital city’s buzzed about nightlife scene, Eager Tourist Tbilisi nightlife tour connects you with expert local nightowls and party-goers for a hyperlocal and custom crafted crawl that brings you to the best wine bars, local hangouts, nightclubs, music venues and private parties that aren’t advertised to foreigners. With our Tbilisi Local's Only Nightlife Tour, Eager Tourist brings the authentic and locally-known Tbilisi to your very fingertips.

The Eager Tourist Tbilisi nightlife tour includes:

*Visits to three or four establishments as curated by our Tbilisi nightlife ambassador, starting with chill and downtempo stops and ending with a party at whichever location is deemed best on any given night
*Expert guidance and insight about Tbilisi along the way led by a local Tbilisi native *Complimentary Georgian beer or natural wine at each location
*Selection of Small bites or tapas (Khachapuri, Sulguni cheese, Pkhali salad, Mchadi bread) at one of the locations along the way
*Walking through Tbilisi’s most vibrant neighborhoods at night, meeting locals along the way
*Complimentary beer, Georgian cha-cha or wine at each location visited

Length: Three hours


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