TLV Street Photography Workshop

TLV Street Photography Workshop

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Roll up your sleeves and dive into Tel Aviv’s urban grit and Mediterranean culture with a street photography experience that will show you the cultural pulse and urban core of the city whilst snapping away at street scenes and locales known best by its denizens. Tel Aviv Street Photography experience will arm participants with a 35mm point and shoot film camera, and bring them to the city's most iconic architectural, cultural and fashionable arteries along the infamous Tel Aviv street over a two-hour urban walking excursion led by an expert local photographer and developing your roll of film following the tour completion. Length: 2 Hours


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The 2-hour walking tour will begin or end at the vibrant "tayelet," the Tel Aviv's Mediterranean promenade, for context about the city and the sites and personas that will be visited along the way, including the Kerem HaTemaneim neighborhood, or Yemenite Vineyard, Herzl Street, Neve Tzedek and Levinsky Market. Each participant will receive a 35mm camera loaded with 36photos and basic instructions on how to capture photos with film as opposed to digital formats.

Eager Tel Aviv Street Photography Experience includes:

  • Tel Aviv street photographer as your private guide

  • 2-hour walking tour to obscure locales, neighborhoods and sites of socio-cultural importance with in-depth insight along the way

  • Film camera loaded with 36frames of captures for guests to document their moments in person

  • Developing of film and emailed to each guest within three days

Length: 2-hours


1 person -- $250US
2 persons -- $400US
3 persons -- $550US
4 persons -- $600US