Urbanization of Tel Aviv & Bauhaus Architecture Tour

Urbanization of Tel Aviv & Bauhaus Architecture Tour

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View spectacular Bauhaus and Eclectic architecture buildings in Tel Aviv and trace the city's original urban design by Sir Patrick Geddes from an insider's perspective, guided by city certified-architects and local experts themselves. Our insider's architecture tour will incorporate various elements of architecture in Tel Aviv, from the current boom of contemporary architecture and rapid urbanization to the architectural origins of Colonial and Ottoman architecture-style buildings in Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Enter and explore a wide-range of internationally-influenced structures in and around Tel Aviv, all through the perspective of locals who best know the city.

Length: 2 Hours


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  • Israeli certified architect as your expert guide
  • Introduction to the urban layout of Tel Aviv past, present and future, including how residents experience the city
  • Two-hour guided walking tour to visit landmark buildings of the Bauhaus, Eclectic and Ottoman architectural-style
  • Ongoing brief on the importance of the importance of the original city plan by Sir Patrick Geddes and the city's spawn of eclectic architectural styles that create modern Tel Aviv.
  • Coffee of your choice as a local roastery 
  • Eager Tourist x Bauhaus Tel Aviv Post Card as a token