The White Elephant - Architecture Workshop in Tel Aviv

The White Elephant - Architecture Workshop in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station is an architectural maze of epic proportions. Originally designed by Ram Carmi in 1967 as a futuristic emblem to serve the growing population of Tel Aviv, it has since existed as a Mecca of diversity where bric-a-brac vendors, culinary oddities and abandoned architectural marvels sit side by side throughout seven stories of banal delights. Inspired by Walter Benjamin's theory of casual wandering and dérive, the mid 1950's artistic movement of situationism, our White Elephant Tour explores a city within a city that is Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station.

Length: 2 Hours


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Additional Information
Participants will be guided by an licensed Israeli architect into contemporary design studios to meet working creatives; into Israeli heritage museums and past street art murals all-the-while learning about the social-cultural context and architectural dilemma of Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station.

The White Elephant Architecture Tour Includes:

  • Israeli certified architect as your expert guide
  • Introduction to the social-cultural importance of the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station and its relationship to the city
  • Two-hour guided walking tour to visit significant locations, artist studios, and cultural centers to connect with interesting individuals who have taken post and inhabit the many layers of the Central Bus Station
  • Ongoing brief on the importance of the Bus Station during the time it was built in the late 1960's up until its current state of beautiful neglect and controlled chaos that spans each floor. 
  • Eager Tourist x White Elephant Post Card as a token

*Eager Tourist can offer guidance and arrange a table at a local Eritrean restaurant just outside the Central Bus Station for guests looking to bite into the culture of South Tel Aviv